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Passenger rights
flight delays
flight cancellations
flight changes
lost luggage
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penalty notice
driving license offense
traffic criminal Law
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protection against dismissal
severance pay
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protection against dismissal
rent increase
rent reduction
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How does it work?

Fill out the form „free first check“ on the right side and upload the relevant documents that belong to it.

The non-binding and free first check of your case by our cooperation lawyers is the first step on the short path to your right! After this initial legal assessment of your case, the our team will enforce your claims out-of-court against tour operators or airlines.

In the areas of employment, rental and traffic law, our cooperation lawyers will inform you about the chances of success of your case, reach an agreement with the other side or, if necessary, put your claims to trial for you.

Why CHECK your right?

CheckYourRight takes on your case and has it reviewed in the context of a free first check by the affiliated lawyers on its chances of success. A large proportion of the audited cases are adopted by CheckYourRight.
When it comes to a refund (price reduction or passenger compensation), we only charge a pro rata fee in case of success. If there is no refund, you will not be charged.
The costs of other areas of law will be covered through the legal expenses insurance or possibly also by the opposite side – so the service is completely risk-free for you! Your personal data will be treated confidentially at all times and will not be passed on to third parties without your authorization.

What if…?

If our affiliate lawyers see no prospect of success, on the one hand no costs have arisen for you and on the other hand you then have the certainty of having done everything to verify your rights!
If you do not have any legal expenses insurance, but your specific case is evaluated positively by the cooperation lawyers, the resulting costs will be settled by the opposing party or the state.

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