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Contract law

1. Subscription traps and yellow pages rip-offs

The Internet offers consumers convenient online services and has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Nowadays almost all offers can be booked, streamed or used online. Many of the services we offer make our lives much easier, but of course the network also offers targets to lure consumers into unwanted contracts and subscriptions, or even cheat them with deceitful cost traps. There are scams on the Internet that keep recurring. You can defend yourself effectively against most of them. By the way: not only consumers become victims of subscription traps on the Internet. Also entrepreneurs and tradesmen become again and again victims of fraudulent offers. The so-called yellow pages rip-offs play a major role in this.
Have you unintentionally signed a contract on the Internet or on the phone against which you want to defend yourself? Or do the bills flutter into the house to contracts you don’t know about? We’re looking into your subscription case. As part of the free initial check, you will receive our partner lawyers’ assessment of your chances of success. Just fill out the form – we will get back to you within 48h!

2. Contracts & termination

Whether mobile phone contracts, DSL and Internet or cable television – everyone has contracts on these topics and almost everyone has already had to cancel one. When moving, changing providers or moving in with a partner, however, obstacles are often put in the way. Be it because the contract is supposed to run for an excessive period of time or because excessive costs are incurred for rental equipment that is returned late.

You have a contract you can’t cancel? Or the notice period seems too long to you? You sent a rental device back late and now you have to pay the new price? We’re looking into your case! As part of the free initial check, you will receive our cooperation lawyers’ assessment of your chances of success. Simply fill out the form and describe the case – we will get back to you within 48 hours.

3. General terms and conditions imprint & DSGV

Whether you run a small shop or are a blogger or influencer on the net – the correct legal framework is an important safeguard against warnings and trouble with customers and users. This is because they are also attaching more and more importance to clear and transparent contractual conditions. Fairness for both sides is important.
AGB are however only then of advantage, if they fit to your business model. The Von Muster terms and conditions or even the adoption of foreign terms and conditions you should better do without. By the way, it is not enough to have AGB or simply put them online on the site. Often you can see that there is a link to the AGB somewhere on websites. Without an effective inclusion according to the legal requirements, however, general terms and conditions are ineffective.
It is precisely the point of effective inclusion that is often not taken into account. In addition, there are some special features to consider when integrating terms and conditions on the Internet.

These are the most common mistakes:

  • Inadmissible clauses in general terms and conditions
  • missing clauses (for information obligations for private customers)
  • Acceptance of external general terms and conditions
  • Using terms and conditions that do not fit the business model
  • Ineffective inclusion of general terms and conditions

The imprint should also satisfy legal requirements, and there is still uncertainty about the implementation of the DSGVO. We help you with your questions. Simply send us an inquiry by mail or phone or use our first check form – we will get back to you within 48 hours with a legal evaluation of your existing terms and conditions and imprint or create new ones for you.

For the legally compliant creation of your AGB, Impressum and DSGVO we charge a one-time price of 299.00 EUR. For an annual flat rate of 49,00 EUR your site will always be up to date and legal changes will be adapted for you. Never again anger with warnings and law changes!
Check your right – the short way to your right!

CheckdeinRecht – der kurze Weg zu deinem Recht!

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