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What happens with my personal data?

All data are handled with the utmost care. As part of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we only share information with our cooperation lawyers.

How long does it take to reach a court decision?

A blank statement is unfortunately not possible. The timeframe depends on when a district court awards a court hearing, whether it comes to follow-up appointments or other factors create a time delay.

As a rule, you can expect a final decision in 4-6 months.

Why was my case rejected?

The exact reason for rejecting your case can be found in the notification e-mail. If you have questions about your case, please contact our AdvokatiX team. For reasons of data protection, we provide information on individual cases only by e-mail and stating the case number.

What risk do I have?

Our service is risk-free for you. Through the free first check you have an overview of the legal context and can decide whether a lawsuit is worthwhile for you.

Does my case always end in court?

No, our primary goal is always to clarify your case out of court. We take over the correspondence with the contract partners and stay tuned. So you are very likely be better of with us, but in no case worse – because we take afee only in case of success.

Why do you mostly offer your service for free?

We provide our cooperation lawyers with this internet platform for processing mandates. With Advokatix Web Services, lawyers and clients can simplify workflows and minimize their time. Our Advokatix network provides access to current expertise from all areas of law and allows the best possible care of the mandates. For the use of the Advokatix network, our cooperation lawyers pay us royalties. These license fees largely finance our service.

Which cases are taken by CheckYourRight?

After a positive initial assessment, Advokatix cooperation lawyers will gladly take your case from the following legal areas:

  • Work (termination, certificate of employment, salary)
  • Rent (cancellation and additional costs)
  • Travel (reduction in rice deficiencies and flight delays)
  • Traffic (traffic accidents and fines, traffic criminal law)

Useful downloads

Travel defects

Successful travel price reductions require a travel notice at the resort. Here is a template for your luggage.

Checklist termination

In the case of a termination, the correct procedure is crucial, so that you can check your legal options and enforce them if necessary.

Checklist for travel defects

For travel deficiencies, the right approach is crucial so that you can claim your claims after the holiday.

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