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Passenger rights

Flight delayed or canceled? We check your claims and enforce them with the airline!

Flight delays and flight cancellations are common and annoying and stressful for travelers whether they are on a business trip or on their way to well-deserved holidays.Passenger rights for passengers in the event of a flight cancellation, delayed flight or denied boarding are regulated in the EU Regulation for Passenger Rights EC-VO 261/2004.

If your flight does not take place on schedule or without you, you are entitled to care benefits in the form of snacks and refreshments and the airline must give you the opportunity to contact the destination. You also have a compensation claim of 250 – 600 Euro per person, depending on the flight distance of the affected flight.

The following claims are generally applicable according to EC-Regulation 261/2004:

  • 250 euros per person on all flights up to a distance of 1500 km
  • 400 euros per person for intra-European flights over 1500 km and for international flights between 1500 and 3500 km
  • 600 euros on all other flights

You are entitled to a compensation payment if your flight arrives at the final destination more than 3 hours later.

It does not matter how much the plane ticket originally cost, but only on the flight distance.

This rule applies to all flights originating within the EU or operated by an airline based in Europe. So, if the plane departs from an airport outside the EU, it is crucial for the assertion of your claim whether the flight is operated by a European airline.

An example:
You fly with Lufthansa from Dusseldorf to New York and back, in which case you are protected by the Passenger Rights Regulations. If you fly the same route with a non-EU airline (such as American Airlines), the EU passenger rights are valid on the outbound flight (departure in the EU), but not on the return flight (landing in the EU is not enough).

For exceptional cases, the so-called “exceptional circumstances”, the Passenger Rights Regulation contains provisions relieving the airlines of the obligation to pay compensation. For example, “extreme circumstances” include extreme storms, natural disasters or strikes. These are to be seen as exceptions and are nevertheless gladly called by the airlines as justification to refuse a payment.

Your flight was different than planned? The co-operation lawyers of CheckYourRight are experts in the field of air passenger law. In the free first check, we check uncomplicated and risk-free which claims you have against the airline and enforce them for you – if necessary also in court.

Incidentally, claims under EC Regulation 261/2004 can be asserted up to 3 years retroactively. Did you have to deal with flight delays or even flight cancellations in past holidays? Then simply submit documents and wait for the free first check of our the cooperation lawyers!

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