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Secure your rental right with CheckYourRight

Whether as a tenant or landlord: when it comes to the subject of tenancy law, it often comes to disputes. The co-operation lawyers of CheckYourRight check the legality of the termination. In the free first check – reliable and fast.

Simply submit your documents and receive the assessment of our cooperation lawyers within 48 hours!


The right lease with CheckYourRight

Of course you are happy that you have got the great apartment and finally hold the longed-for rental contract in your hands. Nevertheless, here too, the devil can be in the detail. Sometimes it is not evil intention, but it is often misleading phrasing, misinterpretations and forgotten points, which later lead to dispute in tenancy law.

Our CheckYourRight team advises you: read your lease carefully before signing it. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Check whether the rented rooms and ancillary rooms such as garage or cellar are precisely defined in their use.
  • Is the size of the apartment indicated correctly?
  • Is the amount of rent reasonable?
  • Which clauses could disturb you later in your privacy? Does your landlord have Access right with or without notice to your apartment?
  • Do you have to carry out renovation work with the signing of the lease and pay yourself?
  • Are pets allowed and if yes: what size?
  • What other duties should you assume by signing the lease? (Hall cleaning, gardening, etc.)
  • Have you looked closely at the environment of your apartment before? Is there anything that could make the rent seem too high (for example, not mentioned noise from a main road or aircraft noise)?

Of course, these are just a few things that we can refer to in terms of rental agreement.


Rent reduction with checkYourRight

Unfortunately, sometimes it comes faster than you think and your apartment is no longer the pleasant place it once was. Suddenly there are stains on the ceiling, which turn out to be mildew. At this point, you can respond with a rent reduction or, if it is not bearable, obtain a faster notice period, like by one of the cooperation lawyers for rental law of CheckYourRight.

Normally, landlords are cooperative and want to repair the damage – but they certainly do not reduce your rent. If you want a rental reduction, you must consider the following:

  • You need to inform your landlord as soon as possible about the damage and document it – photos with the phone are usually sufficient.
  • Whether in your specific case, a rent reduction is appropriate, you will learn by contacting the experts of CheckYourRight on the subject of tenancy law!
  • With mildew (as long as you have ventilated accordingly), excessive noise or heating that does not work properly or does not work at all, you have a good chance that your rent reduction is justified.
  • Zahle auf keinen Fall einfach weniger Miete (umgestellt), sondern informiere deinen Vermieter im Vorfeld darüber.
  • In no case simply pay less rent (converted), but inform your landlord in advance about it.

However, you should give your landlord a reasonable amount of time to repair the damage.

If you have any concerns about tenancy law, feel free to contact the experts at CheckYourRight.

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