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Safe in traffic law with CheckYourRight

The German traffic law, with which probably every citizen in the everyday life comes directly or indirectly into contact, consists actually of several sub-areas, which merge fluently into each other.

The cooperation lawyers of CheckYourRight check the legality of the fine notice or the correctness of the driving license withdrawal. In the free first check – reliable and fast.

Simply submit documents and receive the assessment of our cooperation lawyers within 48 hours!


Traffic civil law

A branch of traffic law in which the cooperation lawyers of CheckdeinRecht can support you is the civil transport law, which usually deals with liability issues. After an accident, the question of guilt must be clarified and it is checked whether compensation or compensation for pain needs to be paid. The various liability types include indebtedness, strict liability, liability for force majeure and contributory negligence.

In addition, all those issues fall under the civil transport law, which deal with the traffic contract law. These include issues such as the repair, purchase and financing of a vehicle. Our cooperation lawyers come into action when it comes to what damage is replaced by which insurance or if there is a reason not to comply with the obligation to pay.



Even with this part of the traffic law in which CheckYourRight can support you, almost everyone comes into contact. Offenses such as parking or speeding violations lead to a fine or other sanctions, which are regulated in the offense law. Other examples are the crossing of a red light, too small a minimum distance to the car in front or driving under the slight influence of alcohol. Of course connected with this are the notorious points in Flensburg or fines, against which one would like to fight back for a variety of reasons.

It should be noted that you have only 2 weeks to file an appeal. After this period, the notice will automatically be valid. Even „minor offenses“ can lead to a driving license withdrawal, which is why a consultation by the cooperation lawyers from CheckYourRight is recommendable.


Traffic criminal law

The line between traffic violations and serious crimes is sometimes very fine.. One speaks of serious crimes, if one endangers with his own behavior other fellow citizens. Ignoring a red light, which is displayed for more than a second, so this is no offense and falls into traffic criminal law.

Disabling a fire service operation by incorrect parking, this is understandably classified as a threat to human life, even if wrong parking otherwise results in a parking ticket. Even trips under the influence of alcohol above 1.1 parts per thousand are classified as a criminal offense. Likewise one makes oneself punishable by the unauthorized removal from the place of accident. All these examples are covered by traffic criminal law.

Every now and then one is surprised how a supposedly smaller offense becomes a criminal complaint. If this happens to you, you should seek a legal counsel in a timely manner.

With all these concerns in traffic law you are welcome to contact the experts of CheckYourRight!


Buying a car

Did you buy a used car and were deceived in terms of mileage, number of previous owners, year of construction or condition of the car?
CheckYourRight fights together with its co-operation partners, and for your right!

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