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CheckYourRight – your support in travel law

Everyone is looking forward to his well deserved vacation. Unfortunately some things go wrong sometimes. We at CheckYourRight cooperate with lawyers who are experts in the field of travel law. With us you can check which travel price reduction claims you have and can enforce them in court!


Your right before the trip

  • Travel Booking: When booking the trip you should describe very exactly how you imagine the trip – in the ideal case you should have your travel requests or their fulfillment in writing. This is very important for a later dispute.
  • Travel price: An increase of the travel price is not permitted under the right of travel, if it is not requested at least 20 days before the contractually agreed departure date. In addition, the terms and conditions of the organizer should be checked to see if there is any related clause.


Your right to travel during the journey

The tour operator is obliged to fulfill the contract concluded with you. If you find travel defects on the spot, be sure to follow to the following points:

  • A contact person must be mentioned in the travel documents. You have to contact this tour guide by phone or in writing. Only in exceptional cases can this happen directly with the service provider / tour operator – e.g. via a hotline.
  • The deficiencies must be reported as soon as possible and also be sufficiently documented. A few photos with the phone are usually enough for this. If this possibility does not exist, the shortcomings should be described in as much detail as possible in writing.
  • If you have witnesses, you should name them as well.
  • You must also give reasonable notice of remedial action. The organizer must be given the opportunity to rectify. What this remedy is, should be described in detail in the complaint log.


Your right after the trip

If the holiday has not met your wishes and you want to obtain a reduction, the following deadlines must be observed:

Your claim for a travel price reduction has to be filed with the organizer within one month after the contractually agreed return.

The most frequent defects that are recorded and assessed by the co-operation lawyers of CheckYourRight in travel law include:

  • The luggage arrives late or not at all.
  • A remedy of defects has not occurred or only to an unsatisfactory extent.
  • There are deficiencies in transport, accommodation or meals. It is also often about missing or defective features or benefits, e.g. poor cleaning, lack of pool, closed restaurants or lack of childcare.

How high the amount of compensation will began not be estimated in generel. As a rough guide, the Frankfurt table or the Kempten travel fare table can serve. But with the support of CheckYourRight you are not alone.

The claim amount is based on the Frankfurt table. Use our form to determine the usual reductions for the most common travel deficiencies and gain a non-binding insight into your travel price reduction.

Travel price in EURO

Duration of the trip in days

Kind of defect

Duration of impairment in days

Amount of the travel price reduction according to customary case law

Travel price reduction EURO

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