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Our case of the month from the travel right: with the dream price in the night dream vacation

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Our case of the month from the travel right: with the dream price in the night dream vacation

It should become the longed-for dream vacation for Ulrike and Jürgen K. The married couple is financially not straight on roses bedded and thus they were inspired, when them on the web page of the travel mediator l´turs a journey caught the eye:

The „Golden Five Paradise Resort“, an establishment of the „luxury class“ in Hurghada made an excellent impression: a reception hall like from 1.001 night, the rooms comfortably and optimally equipped, 7 restaurants and 7 bars, a Spa area and also otherwise everything what the holiday-maker desires. The offer for 14 days should cost normally over 9.000 EUR and was sold out according to announcements of the Internet side, with all other offerers already. Only the tour operator Last Minute Restplatzreisen led the trip – for the fabulous savings price of 900 EUR! Who wouldn’t book quickly and rub their hands to find such a bargain?
What the couple found in Hurghada turned out to be a nightmare. They were welcomed by two dozen pigeons, who had obviously chosen the reception hall as their home. The rooms were used up, the complex dilapidated, most restaurants and bars closed and the spa area as far away from a wellness oasis as an Aldi branch of the Lafayette Gallery.

For better or for worse, Ulrike and Jürgen K. spent their most beautiful weeks of the year in this sad environment. After all, they did one thing right and reported a deficiency to the local tour guide, documented the situation with photos and testimonies and contacted immediately after returning home.

We were indeed (which does not happen often) speechless and stunned by the desolate and seemingly extinct facility.  We have already implemented many travel price reductions for our customers and have experienced and seen many things – but this is still the undisputed leader on our highly subjective „Worst of“ list and has the potential to remain so for some time to come. A particularly perfidious deception of the customer consists here in our opinion in the fact that the impression is obtained that the journey is usually substantially more expensive, whereby the reservation-willing has an appropriate expectation – because this is consciously stirred up.

We turned to the tour operator Last Minute Restplatzreisen, where Mr. K. fell on deaf ears in an attempt to reduce the price of his own trip. What we finally convinced him of remains our professional secret – but only 8 days later the tour operator agreed to the 100% reduction of the tour price!

The photos speak an eloquent language – sit back, enjoy them and be happy if you have more luck with your package holiday during the summer holidays. And if not: we will gladly take over your case! You can find more information and useful downloads on the subject of travel price reductions on our website:
Addendum: The tour operator no longer offers the „Golden Five Paradiese Resort“.

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